Buitenband Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M 700×40 Black

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Pirelli Cinturato GRAVEL Mixed Terrain 40-622

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Pirelli offroad know-how brings a series of tyres made to enhance your experience on any offroad condition, whether it is dry or wet. With a wide and succesfull offroad pedigree that goes from rally car world titles to motocross ones, Pirelli knows a thing or two when it comes to tackle demanding offroad terrains without sacrificing rolling efficiency and mileage. Cinturato Gravel range allow you to forget about weather and punctures and focus only on riding longer, more comfortably and explore new territories of riding experiences.


Medium profile and tread spacing for riding quickly and confidently over a mixed variety of terrains, from hard to soft, whether for dry or wet.

SpeedGRIP Compound formulation for on-&-off-roadrolling efficiency coupled with high tear resistance and high wet grip. See pag. 20 for more details

High-strength woven Nylon fabric from bead to bead for added cut and puncture protection

Multi-ply 127tpi Nylon casing construction

TLR tubeless-ready aramid folding bead optimized for wide rims and lower pressure riding

The properties of the new Pirelli compound formulation SpeedGRIP are tailored for any weather condition, regardless if the terrain is dry or wet. As developed into the Scorpion™ MTB rubber formulation – SmartGRIP – the new SpeedGRIP Compound retains the same polymer matrix, improving in the rolling efficiency.
The higher need for speed or mileage with the same effort riding gravel, with a combination of tarmac, gravel and more aggressive terrain as well as a mix of intended uses – from racing to bike packing and adventures – pushed Pirelli technicians to fine tune this new rubber towards a better energy management. The SpeedGRIP Compound retains the same tear resistance of its MTB counterpart (SmartGRIP) as well as its high chemical grip (known as the wet grip), with a more efficient energy management decreasing the rolling resistance to a level very close to pure road racing tyres.

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