Regenhuif Family V3 PLUS

Regenhuif Family V3 PLUS


Regenhuif familie V3 plus

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The Raincover PLUS is designed to maximize interior space. As such, the Raincover PLUS offers a great amount of additional headroom for kids riding on the front bench. Granted, it might not look as slick as the Essential, but the PLUS more than makes up for that rather insignificant issue with its additional functionalities. You’ll be able to fit up to three kids in there now! And you’ll find two storage pockets on the rear flap, the windows on both sides can be opened and rolled up. That way you can use the Raincover PLUS in sunnier conditions too and easily reach into the box to grab something from it or put something inside. To make sure you do not lose such a useful accessory we’ve finished it by adding an opening for a cable lock on the rear flap. You’re welcome!

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